How to keep and clean the mask?
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The masks worn by ordinary residents can be used repeatedly. Wash your hands according to the rules before wearing the mask, and avoid touching the inside of the mask when wearing it. Masks should be replaced if they are dirty, deformed, damaged or smelly.

1. If you need to use the mask again, you can hang it in a clean, dry and ventilated place, or place it in a clean, breathable paper bag. Masks need to be stored separately to avoid contact with each other, and identify the person who uses the mask.

2. Medical standard protective masks cannot be cleaned, nor can they be disinfected using disinfectants or heating.

3. The cleaning of self-priming filter respirator (full-face or half-face type) and power supply filter respirator should be done according to the instruction manual.

Fourth, cotton yarn masks can be cleaned and disinfected, other non-medical masks need to be handled according to the instructions.