What should I do if I don't wear a mask for a long time?
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1. Wear an appropriate elastic mask. For ordinary citizens, it is common to wear disposable medical masks during low-risk exposures. Non-ear-hook masks such as straps can also reduce friction and pressure on the skin behind the ears.

2. The wearing time should not be too long. If the hygienic conditions allow, take off the mask within 2 to 3 hours or change the position of the mask moderately to decompress locally.

3. Apply an emollient locally before wearing to reduce the irritation of the skin caused by the edges of the mask.

Question 2: Allergies such as erythema, papules, and itching

Reasons for occurrence:

1. The materials of masks, such as non-woven fabrics, metal clips, rubber bands, etc., can cause allergies to a small number of people and cause contact dermatitis.

2. The use of unqualified masks, fake and inferior materials may irritate the skin when worn.

3. It has been worn for a long time, or the skin barrier has been damaged due to excessive cleaning. The dampness in the mask can easily breed germs, which can cause redness, itching, etc.

The methods of prevention are:

People with allergies should understand the mask material before wearing it, avoid allergic ingredients, and avoid using fake products. When the mask is wet, replace the mask in time.